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Simple Roast Chicken Recipe

Ingredients: 1 Whole chicken(1.5kg) Salt Freshly ground black pepper Softened Butter/Margarine(You can also use oil) For stuffing: 1 whole Onion(cut into 4) 3 cloves Garlic Rosemary Lemon/Orange slices(optional) Method: Start by trimming

Very Berry Muffins Recipe

A simple recipe to follow and the trick is in mixing the berries into the dough and and you mix they will get crashed and what you get is muffins with a

Quick Spicy Matumbo(Tripes)

When selecting what to buy, try find one that has been cleaned and looks fresh. its however important to note that you also need to clean it further after you get home

Herbs and Spices……The Basics

Herbs and spices have a huge impact on the taste and aroma of food What is the difference between herbs and spices one would ask? In cooking, we regard herbs as originating

Baked Beans and Eggs Breakfast Combo

Looking for a different breakfast meal experience? Try this recipe out and for a spicy taste to it add a little chili when cooking the onion. Use low heat to prevent the

Home-made Mandazi Recipe

This is one recipe a lot of people have requested and I have tried to make it as simple as possible and I hope it will work for you. Make sure you

Mixed Berry Cheesecake with Berry Coulis

  I hope you get to try this recipe out, it’s easy to follow but the trick is in cooking it where you need to ensure it’s a little wobbly on the

Chicken Biryani Recipe

  This recipe serves 6 Ingredients: 1kg Boneless Chicken(If using a whole chicken, cut it up into equal pieces so as to cook evenly) 500ml Mala/Yoghurt 2 Medium Onion(chopped fine) 4 Garlic