Cooking Classes

To get info about my classes, please check the page a little later or send me an email to get more info

  • Faith

    Hi Raphael.

    Great stuff and honestly, i hope i get one of the primary ticket to your restaurant. Kindly tell me more on the cooking classes. Really bought in to your recipes

  • mercie

    how to make pan cakes

  • magdaline chepngetich

    please i need to join class

  • Esther Ndungu

    please send me the info about cooking classes ASAP if you can at

  • Adwoa Armah

    please i want to join your class your class

  • Adwoa Armah

    to be ale to learn how to bake pastries and other continental dishes

  • Sarah Nakyazze

    Would like to learn how to bake and other continental dishes please