As a trained professional chef, Raphael has over the years acquired invaluable know how about food, in and out of the kitchen working abroad and here in Kenya. We are what we eat, is a phrase that resonates closely with him, thus his passion to share his skills and knowledge, using Kenyan ingredients for Kenyan homes. He envisions a Kenya whereby food is accorded the appreciation it deserves. This can however be achieved through a clear understanding and knowledge of the food itself, the delicate procedure involved in preparation while ensuring not only the taste and flavours but also the nutrients are captured and enhanced. A vigorous campaigner and educator of the values of home made food, Chef Raphael, understands the importance of family bonding experience on the dinner table while enjoying great home meals.The Chef understands, our eating habits are factored into our mindsets. His objective is to transform our perspective of good food. He firmly believes that simplicity and understanding of food basics is the key for people to acquire the skills to improve, appreciate and derive pleasure in cooking. Chef Raphael is happiest when sharing and imparting knowledge about food and food handling skills, thus the idea behind the cooking classes he offers and his online/social media platforms.

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